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A Goddess introduced. Introducing the one and only Earth Goddess. Deutsche Version
A Goddess with 1000 names. Finds of the first ever religion.
A Goddess has many foes. Best artwork meets finds from all the world.
A Goddess Great in Fashion

Rejoice, oh my world! Finally this planet's deity has her coming out. The Goddess shows out as a beautiful dame, who has good things in mind and works them. Her creative beauty shall guide humankind on it's way into a better future.

1. The Goddess wears Plaid

Many Europeans of the stone age must have spent all their lives with the transport and buildup of megaliths (great stones). Sometimes they carved in certain symbols into these stones, like labyrinth spirals, wheels (chakras), plaid patterns or pyramid hooks. They were also placing menhirs, cromlechs (circles) and gangway tombs diligently, so that at winter solstice the sun would light them up in an impressive way. Many sources remind us that in pagan times one day of midwinter was regarded as holy. In the North they would celebrate this day as 'Jul', while in Italy they took it for the day of the invincible god of the Sun. In the heartland Deutschland though the day of midwinter was a holy day of the goddess Bertha (the Bright). Thanks to the goddess they didn't have to build in Europe big fortresses or even a Chinese wall, in prehistoric times when the Goddess was more or less the only deity.

A pattern of the underworld

Newgrange Mound Symbols These rock carvings from Newgrange, Ireland, show three labyrinths and not one, as a symbol for the three betyles of the living planets of our group. The plaid (grid pattern) symbolizes one goddess. We may interpret the plaid as quasi a retina, it lets our goddess really see her world. The labyrinth of the deep appears as a common symbol of the betyle at many prehistoric sites. Eventually concentric rings symbolize the betyle or her chakras (gravity wheels). Indeed any such betyle has nine egg-shaped levels. This was told to some people, but the Greys constantly crosstalked and mislead people. The burial mounds of Newgrange in Ireland are therefore surely works of a very exaggerated size, showing the megalomania of a ruling dynasty that came under the sway of an absurd faith into afterlife. It is significant that the royal town of Tara lies not far away. This Dor-name is a sign that Ga-Dora too influenced this cult. At the same time the ancient Egypt of the old realm of pyramid builders too was rather a place of the dead than of the living, since the cult for the alleged living dead consumed the lifetime of many. There the main origin of this afterlife culture was the cycle of legends around Osiris. But of him it was still known that his body had been cut to pieces. According to the lore of the priests that made a life after death rather impossible. However the she-pharaoh Isis was one who firmly believed that her dead husband Osiris had become a divine king in the realm of the dead. Here we find again a religious belief that was maybe typical for the Titans of that time. Many women cling mentally to their men for all their life. And when he's dead they deem that they can still feel his spirit and hear his advice. That happens if a man was spiritually mighty and during his lifetime already served as a portal for miscellaneous Uthras. Isis must have been a rather silly woman, who only ascended to the highest office in state because her dead husband had been a hero of the common people. But while many peoples believed in life after death, Egyptian pyramids are not easily explained. The pyramids were partly symbols of the mysterious labyrinth in the underworld. The tricky truth is though that the Earth Goddess mainly made the pharaohs build a long row of pyramids to distract ray-attacks from the North Pole against her Betyle. Therefore it didn't matter much that all the pyramids were plundered. Today they also are symbols for the labyrinthine house of God, well comparable to the Kaaba in Mecca. Typical for more developed planets in a troubled neighborhood is also that they use pyramids as flying means of transportation. On undeveloped problem planets though it may happen that priests imprison one young maiden in such a tomb or a cave, to keep her as a kind of goddess double who helps with magic and dreams. Indeed in some such gangway tombs wall holes were found, who may have served to fix bonds.

The Underworld brings Wealth

In prehistoric Europe labyrinths were in fashion. Early Minoan Cretans were building and always enlarging labyrinthine palaces. On Crete the great Goddess ruled, here she even was in charge of the double-ax of the weather god. But after the terrible volcano eruption of Thera her power waned.

Numantia Celtic Iberian Pot reconstruction For a long time the interior of Earth was regarded as the place of good minerals, of the noble metals and precious stones. Pluto (the Rich) was seen as the ruler of this underworld. The palaces of Crete artfully recreated such a labyrinth of the deep. Mycenaeans but came to believe that inside of this labyrinth there would dwell a terrible beast, the bull-headed Minotaur. The bull originally had been a regional common symbol for the good savior and his useful strength. The pirate and womanizer Theseus though had developed a grudge against this unknown beast. That hate was typical for 'red rogues' who naturally have a fighter instinct, that leads them to rebel against authorities and God too. Until today Spanish bull-fights reenact the fight of emotionally poor Reds against the bull, here seen as the power of the deep. Only while people learn that this person in the deep is their creatress, and the one who lets good plants and humans grow, proclaimed holy empress by her husband and savior, they may change their bitter traditions, and find to a new spiritual harmony with nature. It may teach them that already the Celtic-Iberians were using the symbol of the white cow, until they were cruelly subdued by the Romans. This well made work of abstract art from the heroic town of Numantia shows a nose belt of plaid (reconstructed by me), again symbolizing the skin retina of a congera. They also can smell with their plaids.

Beasts enforce their reverence

Congeras good or bad may get rich with the energy of interest and affection that creatures send them. But the methods of God or the Greys differ sharply, and so do their purposes. Greys get cruel as they demand lust and love. They wear the same plaid patterns too.

Löwenkopf geschnitzt aus Vogelherd Höhle Sometimes animals suddenly get treacherously dangerous, under the influence of Greys. The cult of the bear was once common on the entire northern hemisphere of the Earth. Often the lion appeared, for instance as a guardian animal at the gates of the former capitals Babylon, Hattusha and Mycenae. Some of the oldest ever pieces of art show mythical lions. While those pieces are beautiful artwork they sometimes transport religious bitterness. This head of a cave lion from South Germany shows again a crisscross pattern. We should not forget that Greys have the same grid pattern too on their skin. Such works were only rarely found in ancient Europe, besides many idols of the great goddess.
In ancient Egypt however, nearly all the deities were such mythical animal deities. A lioness was among the goddesses. Sachmet (a Sam-Name) was seen as the deity of a damaging sun. She seemed to send diseases but would also heal. How did the idea came up to revere such dangerous animal deities? The famous stele of Narmer tells how this happened. That very early pictures-only stele depicts dangerous animals who attack humans. We can interpret the animal-religion of ancient Egypt as a reaction to this. There were invisible forces acting behind wild and unruly animals. Those forces did not even wish to be revered as deities, but they actually forced people to revere them!

Demon worship brings harm

Failaka Seal Indus Culture Sind This very old seal comes from Sind (Pakistan), the home region of today's bad European gypsies. In comparison to other cultures the 'Indus culture' was especially ancient and also unusally bad. Here we see fellahs aside locusts. But only with UTR this mystery image can be interpreted as a congera, with a crosswork field as a body and six cranes above. The star in the middle marks that congera as celestial. If people started to worship bad beasts, heavenly Greys would bring them down physically and morally.
Sometimes goddess statues also wear cross tattoos. The famous ancient town Çatal Hüyük (Czaatal Hyjyk) in Minor Asia gives one example (see below chapter 6.) of a very obese lady. This small town had had very strange houses, all without doors or windows. You had to climb over the roofs to get in there. We found there extremely ugly idols of the Goddess, who was often shown with leopards. Giant-size deers seem to threaten tiny little hunters. The heads of animals were shown who seemed to intrude into the houses. People apparently tried to seclude their houses from hostile animals, but they could not help but to revere these and their mistress with a cult. The good Goddess just didn't have the power to reveal to those people that truly she is good but not well in control of bad beasts. Asian blackheads weren't easy to handle for her. Just with these Anatolians Ewa always had had big problems, they had made some ugliest ever idols of her. Preferably the Earth Goddess broke free from disliked humans she had become linked to. She could never make herself understood, so she took a dive in later times. Ewa did not force people to obey and revere; but she hid in the deep until humankind would be ready for her coming out. It's true what the virtuous prophet John the Baptist taught: “The truth with set you free.“ (John 8:32, later ascribed to Jesus). But let's never forget that Christians and Muslims force good people too into obeisance with most cruel and unreal threats of hell. These are still the same ill methods of the dangerous beast deity above.

2. Mirror, mirror, asks the Witch...

...aren't evil witches ugly?

Charlize Theron as a Queen Here we see stately Charlize Theron in the bizarre 2012 fantasy movie 'Snow White and the Huntsman'. Once again this definitely noble, beautiful and glamorous actress had to play the evil woman, here a most powerful and devilish witch. That was maybe to be expected of the film of black headed (and a bit devilish looking) Jewish film director Sanders. But while he was dallying with his movie Snow White, maybe he forgot that he was married, and now he isn't. So don't blame the mirror, Rupert! Rupert's Snow White movie was only one of at least 16 successful films about that mean old fairy tale from Deutschland. It's about a young woman with ebony-black hair who seems to be disliked by the force of destiny. The tale mentions three mysterious assaults on her life. Some witch seems to try and kill her using a belt, a mirror and a poisoned apple. Pundits try to tell us that these are the traditional three objects that the naked Venus only has. They wrongly refer to one master on this field of mythology, Robert Graves. In his 'White Goddess' we only read that the mirror originally symbolized the main proverb of wisdom of holy Delphi: “Learn to know yourself (gnothi se-auton)”. But that is just what the typical Snow White seems to refuse. She's black on top and randy below and resilient and all too small, just like the historical Maria. But she may also be bonny and funny and might well bear seven dwarfish children. Snow White seems to benefit from times of crisis. Not only in ominous 2012 but already in 1937, within a movie of the blackhead Walt Disney, the magical mirror seems have lost his senses, telling us: “Snow White is now the fairest in the land...”. But only in old-time Jewish culture black is fair while fair is just not okay. Okay, we may expect to hear the same message again from Tarsem Singh (“call me Tarsem only”) and Samir Jamal Aldin (“call me Samir only”), who both made Snow White films not for their own cultures but for the west. It's still better when strange foreign Uncle Sams imitate Walt Disney instead of bad Osama. We should expect that the fair lady in the mirror correctly guides only but really the fairest of the fair. But even the glamor queens of our time are just not good enough to read the messages correctly of the Queen of Queens. So what is the true message of the mirror? It's damn hard to get. The main problem is that blackheads are genetically marked as inferior by the cosmic law called Berk-OS. That means for the Goddess of Love that she can't well reach them and help them. She would like only quality girls to have children, but that is not what typical blackheads easily accept. In principle the all-black hair transports God's message: Do not have kids! Some but turn to the mirror and demand: “Tell me that I am the goodest! Lie to me if necessary!” But as Ms. Pitch-Black get refused by the one and only goddess she still can't accept the short (legged) straw that destiny put into her hand only. Bad religion now sneaks to such bad luck women, luring the short-legged blackheaded witch into the manic illusion of grandeur dyed blond, with the help of a blatantly twisted false lore. While the Pitchmary turns her back to Mother Earth she drifts fast into the sphere of influence of evil Uthras. They power up such non-blondes in a naughty and nice way. The result is that some few blackheads get talented and develop dark charms. The problem is that the Greys power up many black headed girls by way of misdirecting the good force of the Earth Goddess into disliked portals. But while the good Earth Goddess suffers so much and has so big plans, she just can't allow that. The typical black Snow White wants a good man too and maybe children. She uses her black magic to compete with the really fair girls. But black magic often fails. Well, Ewa just doesn't want to grant a wild child to such a Black Betty. She spent all her life fighting against black magic and is far away from a victory. But while Ewa tries on good ways to make the bad seed of the Greys realize quality and stop reproducing, the Greys force Ewa to make bad deals and defame her.

Snow White is the Fairest of course!

Snow White and Rose Red movie shot Not only in fairy tale movies romantic skirts may look timeless fashionable. This European movie screenshot shows a real Snow White who is even with a brown Rose Red. Strange but true, there is not one Hollywood movie about that fairy tale stuff (according to the Wiki). In that tale Snow White is a nice blond young lady who marries the real Prince Charming in the end, while a grumpy cold-at-heart dwarf can't land in bed with her redheaded sister. Most movies didn't find a natural redheaded actress, these are indeed very rare. But this version seems to transport the original message of this stuff: Here both women perform better and keep together. The tale of black Snow White and the witch seems to be, in comparison, a naughty oriental parody. Pitch-black Snow White actually seems to end up as the bitch of the seven dwarfs, who also symbolize the seven local Greys. This stuff is even with the old Biblical lore that all women are just no good. If black magic breaks the bond of sympathy between the leading ladies, then the consequence is often not that the blackheaded girl successfully competes and wins the fairest prince for herself. But then Ewa often must support some genetically better woman who didn't earn this, because the Greys tend to pester blondes more.

3. The un-erotic Goddess

Schlangengöttin von Kreta Bad religions like to give bad laws. They don't teach our young ones how to grow up well and to learn a good self control, but they scare people so much with bad nonsense that many become sexually inhibited weaklings. Let Sofia Ewa set you free with her wisdom! In a free world good erotics is not a taboo. But true love is the key to happiness, and only the Goddess of Love has this key.

This image from Crete shows the so-called snake goddess. Many women will secretly envy her because of her bulging white bosom. But I find that golliwog face unattractive, the lust escapes me to regard this statue. And aren't these snakes scary? Such dared and maybe dangerous shows still are performed today in certain US-American churches, you also see Oriental jugglers perform such games. Often Greys provoke bizarre rituals as a test of courage. It may happen that such a variety dancer feels stimulated by 'dream snakes'. This idol again reminds of the dangers of erotics, since the Greys then tend to get nearer to humans. We might regard this dancer as an image of our Goddess, who is forced to handle dangerous poisonous snakes and has no hand free to cover herself. We should not value highly such a dark thing just because it has a high age. Let's not overlook that we possess many better beautiful works of modern art. By the way, did you notice that this lady wears plaid again?

A high morale instead of strict laws

The ancient Germanic often had less clothing on than this woman from Crete. They were only wearing a simple coat, many remained bare naked at home. They needed not strict commandments since they kept up good traditions of virtue (Tacitus, Germania 19). While the Goddess was better respected many people preferred a cool natural lifestyle. Wives emotionally strictly held on to their husbands, indecent dallying was a taboo. The consequence was much love between a woman and a man and constant togetherness. All that was making erotics only really enjoyable and reduced the risks of ill consequences. But during the Christian Middle Ages perversion and decadence often replaced erotics. While typical simpletons avoided any nakedness they tended to fall for uncontrolled lust. Of some Roman Catholic clerics we hear that they were having a big entourage of whores. Now greed made people forget about good customs, much was for sale, including boys. Women were generally put off as unclean and sinful, and so was their good Goddess. Lately women are allowed to show a lot more of their body and to dare more in life. 2.000 years of Christianity are coming to an end, and the glamor and wisdom of an earlier age are revived. It was an age when women of many cultures had more to say in life. This traditional Minoan style from Crete was artfully recreated by early archeology. That dress is showing the naked bosom, this was maybe a dress for special events only. But even today such a dared style looks fashionable. It becomes visible where the bosom is well in shape; showing youth, a good lifestyle and healthy nutrition and maybe the grace of God. Where men don't have much self control sadly erotic fashion must be a taboo. Not only in the Orient women are often well advised to not show out at all. Our society is still a society ruled by insane and greedy men. In Russia and other countries there is a high risk that rich rogues and woman haters get their hands on the best girls, to desecrate and destroy them early in life. That is only possible before a background of Christian religion, since this religion reverses the natural order of values and deliberately transports all-too-old people to the top of religion and society. But things weren't necessarily better in the days before the age of Christianity. A new renaissance must also refrain from the errors of the age of antiquity. With the Goddess we don't turn around to get back into brutal old times, but we proceed into a noble high culture, that is based on a sensible morality and yet liberal.

4. The really false Madonna

The actress called Madonna in 2015 On one of her typical bad luck days the old actress called Madonna stumbled on the stage of a British pop contest. She was not nominated for any award, and maybe this snapshot shows her spontaneous reaction. And then this outfit! Did she play a butt-down spider woman? The press was amused, so to say. But especially catholic Christians would like to forget that Madonna is also a name of their deity Maria. But what you see on church icons and revere is not what you get in reality, since Holy Mary does not exist. In her younger days Madonna L. Ciccone (Italian: cicca means cigarette butt) had been a prostitute and then a proudly perverted pop singer. But few people realize that she also was at the center of religious phenomena! These fishnet stockings of her remind us of the retina-skin of a congera. There are not a few reports of people who saw Madonna in religious visions. That was surely most mysterious and scandalous in the old days. From the point of view of UTR this false blonde was used as a bot. She served unconsciously to animate and operate the main portal of the many Christians. But when times changed to the better the Earth Goddess retreated from Madonna. The consequence was that Madonna became much less erotic and fashionable. This actress reacted with a bitter tendency of resilience and shamelessness, that is not untypical for whores who came to age. The elderly are sadly the big problem of our time. What a drag it is getting old! So this is one big promise of the true Goddess: In some better future world a few new humans won't have to age at all.

The Goddess refuses to have sex

Many people would like our culture to be more erotic and more emotional. But that is apparently not working out. Especially advertisements, and also cynical and mean entertainment culture, push away the high-brow and sensible culture that our world urgently needs. Often the Goddess refuses humans the erotic stimulation, to prevent low-quality and aged humans from reproducing. By that soft female way Ewa also tries to put the pressure on many powerful men who make destiny for God's world in a negative way. Men at the top need to hear now of a Lady God who imagines an all different world.
We live in all-change times! Old-time experts who lately must hear of UTR should realize that from childhood on they were blinded fools, who should feel obliged to pay back their life's salaries. So it should not surprise us when we learn that many experts with silent anger refuse to recognize God and are neither willing nor able to make some sense of evidence and quotations. Sadly such types receive a backing from bandits and unfair rich people. There is a Roman-Catholic gentry that factually rules the EU. They see to it that mighty firms and Mafia gangs cash in billions and hardly pay any taxes. These cronies need not fear the Church of Rome, since this church seems to even justify much worse heavenly injustice. They cannot make out any fair God, so there seems to be nobody there who finds that their riches and their tyranny are a shame and should have bad legal consequences for them. With UTR all gets different. Now they would have to expect an end of all shady businesses due to a new order of a Deutsche (German) Reich for the sake of the world. Traditionally many react to this with Nazi insults. Certain false leftists get religiously insane and evil, as soon as they realize that the Deutsche (Germans) are truly the chosen people of God. UTR teaches that behind stupid white men often a religious mother is working magic, who still believes in the old tales of the Christian realm of shadows, and who is under the sway of fears before hell. Old stories of religious wars should remind us how cruel bad old men often tend to become in wartime. Some such guys get surprisingly weak as they lose their 'mojo', their sexual spell or sway. It is not wrong then when the really false Madonna turns down such guys.

5. Mama masters the Beasts

Kybele Temple Mainz Germany Even in her destroyed sanctuaries Mother Earth may still appear a little, as a mild spirit. Often some men fell in love with her and gave her a special new name. Some South Germanic called their goddess Hertha, Gerda, Bertha or Freya (the Free). In Ireland she was also called Brigida, and later overlaid by a Christian saint of the same name. In Gaul she was called Sequana (Sigyn), she was seen as the wife of Lug the god of light and fire (later called Loki). Suebes (later: Swabs) knew one Zisa who allegedly taught them how to cultivate the fields, and also how to work iron. Therefore she was called Lady Iron (Deutsch: Frau Eisen). The city of Augsburg in Franken was at the center of her cult. Her temple once stood on a local hill. The rite of spring was celebrated there “with games and lascivities”. Possibly around 800 b. the Earth Goddess cult was orientalized by some Phoenician travelers. Such strangers introduced new techniques, but often they were too haughty. Zisa surely served as a bot for the Egyptian goddess Isis, and was later identified with her. In the old days many believers thought that there exists only one Goddess with thousand names. But that was only half-way correct. There are our Goddess and evil beasts.

The Goddess helps and has demands

Efes Statue Diana Thence she was great! This statue of the great Diana of Ephesus (Efes Ilahe) shows her as the mistress of the good and wild animals. The problem is that she wasn't well separated from the cosmic beasts who worked against her. Several times her sanctuary was destroyed, by plundering Cimmerians and by Herostratus the terrorist, finally by murderous Christians. The power of the Goddess waned when her cult just became less fashionable. The reason for her loss of force was that women by and by lost their spiritual sway. With them Diana was wrongly judged too. We may expect that bright Europeans were often more aware of the true nature of the Goddess. Of the Germanic Tacitus reported (Germania 8) that they believed that something holy and visionary worked inside of their women. Therefore these heathens took up the advice of their women. Paulus however, this ugly dwarf from Anatolia, taught those infantilized Christians to silence their women and to subjugate them (1. Corinthians 14:34). That accorded to Semitic traditions. Romans prefer to believe in the deities who seem to really help, and be it that they are goddesses. They were erecting many temples for Fortuna, the goddess of luck. But few people really cared to find out who that might be. During a prolonged crisis though, the Romans transferred from Pessinus in Minor Asia to Rome one sacred meteorite. It was a symbol for the betyle of the 'Grand Mother' (Magna Mater) Kybele (Cybele) that was carried to Rome. That holy stone of Rome reminds of the similar black stone of pagan Mecca, that was accepted by Mohammed as a symbol of the house of God. Luckily Mohammed avoided to surrender to dreamy fantasies, like Jacob had done. Islam replaced much bad heathenism with strict sober laws. The cult of Kybele had had many oriental elements that the Earth Goddess could not really approve. Korybanten (ecstatic dancers) symbolized her demonic companions. Some Sufi orders still practice such ecstatic dances today. Morally strict Romans liked to overhear the tale that the historical Kybele (Kubaba) had originally been an innkeeper from Kish in Sumeria, who later became a courtesan and then the 'queen' of this town. I have however the idea that rather some European seeress called Sibylle became the original model of the deity Kybele. The secret Goddess just was not identical with this or that heathen deity or mortal woman. A typical antique idol of Cybele shows her with a crown on a throne, flanked by two beasts. In Ephesus too adherers of Diana displayed the goddess with two lions at her sides (here omitted). Believers were concerned because of mysterious attacks, and behind these lions loomed the demonic Greys. The Goddess often helped perceptibly, but she also had demands. The cult of Kybele was for the Surtungs (dark people) mainly and the lesser Asians. Eunuchs called Galloi were the priests of that religion. That reminds of Ephesus in Minor Asia, where the statue of Diana the Great was covered with the testicles that believers had offered to her. The Goddess had asked many orientals to not engender progeny or at least not badly too many.

6. Beauty as a Bait

Many good humans searched for the good Goddess, to fall under the ban of N-rays. Heavenly attacks may be life threatening if you can't defend your mind! Many people may wish to hold on to their old-time thinking, but often that doesn't work out.

The goddess is good, the Greys are not

Goettin und Monster Many testimonies report that the Earth Goddess is good. In the Aegean the dove was believed to be her holy animal, it is still today a sign of her peaceful sense. A waved seashell often symbolized her home in the ground. That explains why many seashells were traded by prehistoric peoples and put into their graves. It often remains open whether people believed that such rituals would bring the dead back to life. Those good women who accept the goddess inside and are good enough to cope with this, often were better informed about this. But the problem was always that demons (Greys) seemed to be lurking quasi next to the Goddess. Those who tried to get near to the good Goddess would eventually end up as the unprepared booty of daylong raving attacks or sudden mortal onslaughts or premature consumption.
Christianity interrupted the bond of trust and sympathy that once had linked the goddess to many women. In the world of today rational experts with a Christian education are not ready to find a good Goddess down below. All those pictures and testimonies only confuse them. The Goddess hides before them, also to prevent the lurking Greys from attacking them. That explains why most established experts deny the idea that for instance the Deutsche goddess cult of Zisa ever existed. Their childhood belief was shaped by their mothers, and by teachers who often were a little of a Christian and a doubter at the same time. When old-time outdated established experts hear of UTR they fail before the challenge to believe. Some experts become as untruthful as Mormons then. We might expect of some that they even let finds disappear who might tell us more about some goddess cults of the ancient times. But some other time the Earth Goddess herself will bring back the truth to light about those old times. She still remembers them after all. Often those cults would secretly disappear that she didn't like that much. That was for instance the case regarding the cult of Demeter, also coming from the Orient. Such cults were often controlled by Surtungs. These often would favor too much the Mediterranean food culture of oil, bread and wine. Many false religions failed because of sexual greed, intoxication and bad food. The Goddess but saved her wisdom for later, for the savior who would be able to distinguish her from evil beasts. Therefore many worthy scientists and scholars searched her labyrinth all life long, to find nothing.

7. The Holy Servant Girl

In US-American football, a last long pass that needs too much luck to succeed is called 'Hail Mary'. Typical US-Americans are protestants though who do not reckon Mary to their deities. But while the good Earth Goddess often used the portal of Mary, that virtual saint just seemed to help better than others. It didn't play much of a role then whether this holy Mary was seen as the mother of Jesus or his strumpet. It also didn't matter much that Mary was commonly regarded as a 'lowly servant', just like all other women. The Hail Mary principle often ruled in religion. In prehistoric Europe people held on to that great Goddess because she seemed to help better than the 'Big Bear' or whatever. So who was this goddess really? The Roman writer Tacitus had it that some rural East Germanic called her Nerthus. That was a man's name, reminding Romans of the 'Black One', the disliked emperor Nero. But the same Goddess was also called Bertha, the 'Bright One'. That is what we learn from many sources of folklore, and from the old Lombard dialect word berteciola, a draw-cart (like that of Berta). Only some brighter heads realized that there is one good Goddess who is indeed wise and helpful, but who also has a treacherous dark double.

Anna Russo Fashion Scenery Let's not forget that always some Deutsche migrated to Italy to better up the local gene pool. That was the case for the Langobards (Long Beards) who became the Lombards. You only need to look at some people to realize that they have Nordic ancestors too. But rarely the opportunity is seized that the spiritual potential of these guys brings up. Anna Russo arranges fashion scenery photos, including this one that I find spiritual and very artful at the same time. This dress of the model and the entire styling fit together well; the look is noble, even imperial, but not overdone. This image has a spiritual message too, and this message clearly refers to our secret Goddess. As a Nordic puppet Sofia Ewa is shown here, she serves sugar to the proud society dame of the Roman type. Sofia does not bring her a good apple from the garden of Eden, like she would if she were the Lady Wisdom here. This bronzed lady maybe prefers coffee or tea, and golden Ewa can't make her so wise that she realizes how beneficial fresh milk would be for her skin. It is a drag if the Goddess can hardly contact her humans mentally, and then also often comes across the wrong way, and gets treated in a degrading way or even chased away. A typical consequence is that some rather good woman becomes addicted and deluded. The Deutsche song of the bad Turkish drink (c-a-f-f-e-e) always warned Europeans before Oriental decadence. But with the decline of Deutsche culture it sadly came out of fashion. The original fashion scenery photo by Anna Russo also shows a dark puppet in disguise, with some living model as her servant. I omitted that scene here, but it may warn us. Anna does artwork that is probably little respected and hardly makes it's way into a museum. Those who also like to play the party girl, and who eventually pose immaturely and shamelessly are badly advised by the golden sugar puppet. Swiftly a woman gets a bad reputation. Many Catholics just don't value female artists, especially not those who don't seem to appear as cold, bitter and insipid as cold coffee. Sure, that also has much to do with the fact that the Bible generally does not value women.

8. Good at Bad Religion

Hollywood Supergirls cartoon by Angels When some big blond Europid model thinks that she is honestly a living supergirl, compared to all those black eyed and plain, dull and trite, low-brow and pinheaded and oh dear girls; then she ignores bitter realities. Humans are a developing species only, unaware of their many shortcomings; they don't understand their own minds. One genetically superior woman may think that she can easily earn much valuta before the camera or in bed, but often she does not calculate in religious prejudices. Christianity is, after all, a religion of many untrue and bad teachings. It is a bad miracle that this religion won the upper hand against many better ideologies. The main reason is shown on this cartoon of the artist Angels (texted by me). Facing a big blonde and a genuine goldie, the puny, plump and frizzy-haired Ms. Dumb-Cheeks in front just looks totally l.q. Christian religion however promotes a complete reversal of values. According to this lore not the classy, pretty and wise Europid women are in God's favor. But no, the dark she-dwarfs are his lot, those who obey like obedient dogs without understanding. Bad and dark, small and ugly people populate this planet by the billions. Christianity provides them with the illusion that they are the greatest before God, since heaven rejects the bright people and only accepts the mentally poor. Christianity is just a craze! But this is what the dumb-cheeks need, and they major in bad religion and receive good grades. Just this culture of lies makes off-species and badly developed and genetically inferior Surtungs regard themselves as super and superior. Many would not have self-esteem without it. Many people are addicted to a false religion like to a drug. When they fail to believe in false gods they lose their firm standing in life; they may become desperate, childish and have fits of rage. While believers of UTR often have to fight a lot for their inner peace too, those low-quality people are unable to make it. They can't compute the truth that they are trapped in lies, all life long. That concerns all bad and outdated religions. Bad religion makes many rogues think of themselves as still rather honorable people. It is relatively easy to put up all those old errors and crimes of those false religions against them. But it's hardly possible to correct the wrong thinking and the illusions of grandeur of the small and bad people and the old-timers. Even God can only do this at younger people with better quality. And let them not argue that the Earth Goddess is not really pretty compared to Jeez and Mary. Ewa is a giant-size worm, but the Jesus lie is a much larger whopper; and while here there are brain and will-power, there is mainly a bunch of cosmic zombies.

9. Holy Mary, Harlot and Witch

Maria, the girl-friend of Jesus, allegedly came from Bethany. We may translate this as 'House of Anna'. To the cosmic 'Children of Anna' that sounded like courtesan and sorceress.

Maria Magdalena from Isenheim Altar This (isolated) altar picture from Isenheim, Deutschland depicts Maria Magdalena. With golden hair she wears a too overdone gala. Pretty is she like an arch-whore. The bucket at her side gives us a hint where here beloved Jesus truly found his last rest. In truth though Mary Maggie possibly only looked as obese and dumb-cheeked as many oriental women of today. In the Bible we read that Jesus as an exorcist allegedly drove out seven devils from her! That procedure just wasn't working out. Cosmic N-rays can't be driven away with witchcraft formulas. But Jesus the simpleton just didn't know that. Jesus knew not a lot at all, and the wiser Jews were fast to realize this. But Maria Magdalena was different. She believed HIM everything! She once even anointed his feet with precious fragrant oil, since he was her prince charming. We find many fantasies about Jesus, Maria and their eventual sex adventures. On one ancient and mouldy papyrus fragment from upper Egypt we find the words: “He kissed her often on her m...” – mouth or muset? While pondering for many centuries over such grave theological problems, some valiant Bible researchers lately (in their lives) came up with the daring thesis that the royal line of the Merovingians from France secretly descended from Jesus and Mary. The consequence would be that just these proud kings, who often were very little of a Christian, would have a Jewish son of a bitch as their ancestor. The first Christian Merovingian had been Chlodwig. This king did let his first child be baptized. The child died shortly afterwards. This story may still warn wise women today. While Christians did believe in miracles in principle they often failed to understand them. That made the odd tale so fascinating that messages about Jesus were hidden in the paintings of Michelangelo. But those who understand more of miracles, with the help of UTR, may easily realize that this plot really functions much differently. Since our reality is so blunt, paintings of old time may change and rearrange naturally. Often congeras change the Koran or the Bible to rearrange this or that quotation. Humans may do this too just by intense study of old stuff.
No written source however claims (so far) that Jesus, the king of the Jerusalem bums, and his playmate Maria did have kids. It is commonly believed that Mary Maggie had been a whore. It is likely too, since Jesus was a sect leader with a company of thieves, bums, whores and Roman tax collectors. But when a woman only leaves her home alone in the Orient, the fanatical pack already regards her as a shameless one. Of Maria Magdalena we read that she dwelt alone in the park of Gethsemane (a Sem name) after the death of Jesus. Just like dumb Isis, Mary Maggie too just could not accept that her dear beloved one was dead. When she tried to summon his spirit, the seven devils must have had a comeback. This time they but chose to appear not as devils; but they were false angels now, who allegedly had carried Jesus up into heaven. That show reminds us of a punk band who occasionally also appears on stage in suit and tie. The Bible itself refutes that vision of Mary. A tale has it that Jesus was seen soon after the crucifixion in faraway Emmaus. There he remained unrecognized at the usual beggar's banquet. In truth that guy had been Johannes Marcus. Jesus had named his favorite apostle as his successor, down from the cross. Therefore some believed that the spirit that had been with Jesus had now come upon Johannes Marcus. But all that later happened was that this John Mark wrote up his two gospels, one about Jesus and a lost one about John the Baptist. That first gospel of Mark told no legend of a resurrection but ended with the death of Jesus, that is a proven fact. Some sort of priests however later believed that Jesus must have had some kind of 'relationship' with Johannes Marcus. The ghost of Jesus appeared to them as a gay spirit of lust. Well, such spiritualism can be misleading. In fact whores are often small women, who are sometimes come-down, mendacious and confused. It's really bad when the biggest world religion of all is mainly based on the chitchat of a whore! Then again, a better Christianity would have been a worse one.

10. The Great Mother of Whores

Marlene Dietrich plays a bringer of really bad luck in the film 'Der blaue Engel'. This old Deutsche film from before the Nazi era is more honest than many others. But it is correct for the Goddess too what the movie whore sings, that she can't help it when those men 'go up in flames' who swarm around her.

Crucifixion with Sex-Puppet, Austria The unknown uncanny Goddess was formerly seen as a saintly woman who was also a whore. Occasionally a man with good senses had found her tracks. But as the 'Blue Angel' she seemed to spoil him with her magic. This scandal picture was made and put into the web by some woman, it also shows a frizzy-haired culprit in the shadow. Some men, especially dark types with a Christian childhood background, covet women and despise them at the same time. That is not only due to the very negative picture of women that the Bible paints. But our women in general just can't well handle the supernatural. They are commonly too weak to work magic and never learned how to do it. Many a time a man realizes that he just fails to understand the women. But truly, they all don't understand God and the other Uthras, who are emotionally closer linked to the women. The Goddess can only protect many women by way of letting them halfway slip out of her reach. Those then may tumble fast into the treacherous traps of the Greys. Prostitution brings up dangers and is inferior to a good relationship in many aspects. We should warn every young woman at least once before show-producers, playboys, photographers, doormen and model-agents. We mean those who play the spend-thrift 'loverboy' with routine until they turn out to be ice-cold pimps, criminal panderers maybe. Some exploit women with love and mistreat them, they drug them and sometimes drag them abroad, and may murder them. We especially must warn before Muslims, who control entire red-light districts of western cities, because they are so cruel and hostile to women. Some Eastern Europeans too become enemies of women due to a tradition of tyranny. Since many typical women, who are a little immature and rather soft and honest, put their trust into the governments, they mislead themselves not only regarding the power of international gangs. They also are unaware of the bad sense and the incompetence of many men. Their worst error though is to ignore and underestimate the devilish power (of the Greys). The typical pimp is like an addicted man, he lives under a ban. It's similar with many priests.
Magical effects are the result of mental connections who link all humans and many Uthras. Therefore it may happen fast that you get into contact with prostitutes mentally, for instance if you get lusty with the help of pornography (Greek: whore-pictures). It is typical that Greys strongly interfere, they promote morbid, perverted or intoxicated love. It is very difficult to get away from this. When a father often visits whores in a club, one by-effect may be that pimps get acquainted to his daughter. In some aspects the Earth Goddess is the great mother of whores too. She leaves humans a lot of freedom on this field and she protects and helps. But since her planet is terribly overpopulated, she personally always tended towards a stance of strict restraint and a withdrawal from erotics. Just like the typical young prostitute, the great mother of whores too is not voluntarily a part of it all. But then again Ewa is often busy with whores, she sometimes finds more acceptance and will-power there than at plain and inexperienced women.

11. The Worldly Goddess in Love

The Goddess was spending so much time and efforts with creating this world. She lived through such hard times. She saw so many Uthras fail and wither. Now she managed to create a planet that holds so much beauty. She simply loves this world!

Colorful Model in corn field by Muriel Liebmann
Our beautiful lady of the fields

When Apollon seemed to have vanquished the Goddess at Delphi, and after those Celtic Phrygians also abolished her cults at other places, all Greece entered into a time of a crisis. After many small interior wars, and after a plague and the Trojan war, and after the terrible invasion of the Dorians, a dark age void of culture began. Centuries later however, with the classical age of antiquity, the cult of the Earth Goddess came back to Greece. Now the Goddess was called Demeter. Eleusis, the harbor of Athens, now was regarded as her holiest place. But that was a place where much small rabble from the East had migrated to. Some guy called Musaeus (a Musa-name) now appeared as her crafty customer. Smart priests lured the goofs into some such eastern sects with the promise that members could live again after death to even become a second Osiris, a god of the dead in paradise! Such cults of the Goddess were now less reputed than once, due to the fact that Apollon had meanwhile become established as a god of light, this arch-enemy of the Goddess. Some adherers of the cult of Demeter therefore preferred to only meet in half-way secret congregations. The lore of the mysterious religion of Demeter was only passed on to the adepts (insiders). The introduction into the mystery cult would happen like this: You would be led into secret caves and cellars, and you would participate in purification rituals and have to pass tests. Finally the adept was lead before the community, where the golden spica was shown to him. That ear of corn was regarded as a symbol for the (non-human) mother goddess Demeter. One priestess of the ceremony symbolized her human embodiment, and she was called Kore (young lady). Adepts of a minor grade only were introduced to Kore, they never realized that the Goddess is much more. As Persephone (Proserpina) the Earth Goddess was identified with the oriental vegetation deity, with Mr. Green who seemed to die and resurrect.
So here she was again, Ewa. However, the Earth Goddess didn't like this cult of cereals so much. She also wasn't really happy with the predominantly dark and oriental types of 'Petty Greeks' (graeculi) that now were often brought to her. At least she now had once again a religious foothold to still spiritually help Europe. From Greece now an astonishing high culture grew. Many cultivated Europeans knew a little at that time that there exists a good goddess in the deep. But officially they maybe rarely talked about this cult of mysteries, also due to the fact that often something bad happened when a secret was laid open. The special lifestyle that UTR now proposes to our promising youngsters can help to avoid such bad destiny.