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Title: Do you believe in Santa?

Any Child knows Santa or Father Christmas. Christians however rather turn to the historical Saint Nicolas. That is a dead cleric from Minor Asia, who allegedly is not identical with today's Santa. That is correct, we can see that. But which of these two guys is more genuine? That is something only the Universal Truth Religion can figure out. It depends on the guys who are shown at the side of these Santas.

Image: Santa from Holland and from Russia

To the left we see Father Christmas like he appears in the Netherlands. Every year in November, an actor appears in public dressed up in a red bishop's costume. He becomes the node of a funny turmoil, reminding of the start of the carnival season in nearby Western Deutschland (Germany). The Sinterklaas really looks not like the common modern Santa, with the white snowball on top of his rather secular outfit. So who is more genuine? The UTR has it that any Santa symbolizes the real Saviour too. Christians didn't know and expect that the Saviour would only appear at a late time, when this world was developed enough to tell people the truth about it. Christians expect the Saviour to really be like Jesus. But since the real Saviour is all different, inevitably his likeness also formed and influenced the way such fantasy figures appeared. Well, definitely the Russian Santa looks more correct than his Dutch counterpart. The man from Holland has Black Peters on his side, and these really symbolize demons who are not our helpers and friends at all (contrary to what the leftist protest movement KOZP claims.) The KOZP says it's racism to show black servants as the helpers of Santa. But verily, such valuable traditions can warn us before the demons who may disguise as Christian saints too! We need to get more aware of races anyway. Right now many business types pretend that Negroes are very normal people, and then they send them our toxic electronics waste as presents. The Negroes burn our trash at their beaches, causing enormous environmental problems. May Santa grant you divine wisdom, to realize that it's better to send food aid to Africa, and to admit that Negroes are humans of racially inferior quality. The truth, bringing up disliked realism, will be our best guide onto the narrow way of salvation, not only of this troubled planet but also of our nearest sister planet, fractally linked to Welsh culture.

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