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Title: Britain 2018: Yes she's ugly

God's Plan for a Greater Britain, Page One – a free Text by Bertram Eljon Holubek, 2018

Great Britain has what no other country has – the leading monarchy of this planet. This exceptional situation needs royals of exceptional quality. So who is worthy? Under the Influence of strange thinking people tend to confound the beautiful and the ugly. Prince Charles reminded us of the beauty of Britain's finer architecture. Let God explain that human beauty is also a sign of a much needed better magic. So here is the domain of expertise and leadership of a new generation of nobles! Not a few works of fine arts warn us that things go wrong with the wrong people.

Image: The Queen and Ms. Markle

So isn't she beautiful? Above to the left we see puny miss Markle. Most recently she became the bride of Prince Harry. That extremely good looking nobleman makes us think of the two brothers, and royal heirs, Edward-8 and George-6. Unexpectedly the latter became king of Britain in 1936. So could this happen to Harry too? Strange things occur in a time of miracles and wandas. Prince Harry surely makes many think again of Harry Potter, that excellent fantasy wizard apprentice. One of the scenes of this saga I liked best was the scene when Harry Potter threw away his magic wand in the end. This prick was just misleading him, and he sensed that it had a negative magic. So what kind of magic made prince Harry fall for Meghan Markle? Surely witchcraft is among the issues who are traditionally much feared but little understood. I am supposed to change that.

Above to the right we see a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, it's from a coronation remembrance coffee pot. So wasn't she beautiful then? No she was, I say. On the pot we also read the slogan: LONG MAY SHE REIGN OVER US. That wish of the people of Britain was granted, surely by God too. Elizabeth-2 was crowned at the age of 26 in 1952. That happened exactly 66 years ago! People who are into quack-science may find this number worrying. Not so far away from these are those science experts who rely too much on unreal computer models and fantasy calculations, from Albert Einstein to Stephen Hawking. We might wish, from the point of view of numerology, that the Queen will preside over her great nation for at least four more years. Since she also is the head of the Anglican church, it might well be justified to add this to the common prayer wishes.

How long does a human life last? Aren't such wishes things that God can grant or unexpectedly deny? That is another issue that is much feared but little understood. The UTR has it that there is indeed a God. She's a perfectly developed and super-evolved creature who owns and operates this planet already for 624 million years. So Sophia Ewa is the Queen of Queens. But so far she just didn't come out, to become officially introduced to her humans, a new sort of creatures that she managed to create, within the time of the blink of an eye. She rather preferred to remain unknown and anonymous. One of the reasons is that Ewa is not that good looking. She's not charming like the actress Tamzin Merchant, but she is a super-sized pale blind-worm. So can you see her on the above text banner? For a reason she only cautiously showed up in works of art. Yes, she's ugly!

Human and other beauty is surely a matter of contention. But there are some facts that are beyond dispute, and facts are the basis of the Universal Truth Religion (UTR). One obvious phenomenon is that dark southerners or colored people tend to wither more quickly. Another such phenomenon is that ugly people tend to have worse magic, while a worse fate makes people get uglier. Thirdly, some exotic and dark people sometimes appear to be attractive and really charming, yes some can become extraordinarily bedazzling. But that murky magic of attractiveness depends on dark rules, for instance on masturbation. The destiny of the children of darkness is simply constructed from more dark elements, and these tend to fail them in the wrong moment. Fourthly, there are cultural and other processes who try to twist the natural order. A reversed and foul perception of what is fair and what is somber, what is strong and what is feeble, what is sound and unsound; will be the consequence of a misleading religious education, and let's count in the Harry Potter saga. That is also what the witches meant, in Shakespeare's play Macbeth (here recomposed in my Version 2):

»Fair is foul and foul is fair!«
Swirls through clouds and grimy air.

Goland and Mélisande

He is no more a boy,
For such a long time now;
And yet, he marries her,
A puny girl, no frau.

This may appear to those,
As a caprice of fate,
Who do ignore it's side,
Where there are love or hate.

Don't press her little hands,
Don't watch her face at night!
To keep her wedding ring,
She may not have the might.

1. The Queen and the Ugly Eurocrats

Image: The Queen and Ms. Markle

1. Was this her »Pro Europe hat«? The Queen had a role to play.

Is the Queen of Britain ugly, due to her age, and is Prince Charles ugly too? We surely would be well advised to rather not notice. But honestly, I don't think she's really ugly. She's not even badly withered. She is just very old, but still has a certain grace, and her face doesn't look unpleasant. But let's regard this eccentric fashion. What kind of spleen is that? It's a dared political message. This was the attire that the Queen was wearing as she gave the Brexit speech. Officially she asked the EU for a leave, and (unlike Spain recently did in the case of the unlucky Cataloonies) the EU grudgingly allowed one of it's vital parts to separate. Now, the dots and colors of this splendid hat and dress tell that the Queen didn't agree much to that message! We know that the Queen was only reading a speech given to her by prime minister Mrs. May, who rather looks like late autumn than may. So was the real message of the Queen really that she still favored the EU, and didn't think that the Brexit was a wise decision? Some Internet Twitter gossip came to this conclusion. MP Paul Flynn called this hat an »Anti Brexit hat«. We should rather call it a »Pro Europe hat«. This may have made some hard-minded Europeans get more moderate and amiable in the Brexit talks. Europe still has friends in Britain. We need to cooperate, and must not part with a quarrel. That was one year ago. Right now the hot gossip has it that the Brits were cleverly manipulated as they favoured the Brexit. So can it be that the Queen was right? Despite of the ups and downs of public opinion in Britain, I think that the decision to quit the EU was based on the good sense of a majority of British citizens. The EU has many advantages, and it's in principle good to be a part of such a union of nations. If instead bad tendencies of chauvinism, exaggerated nationalism and splendid-isolationism would rise within the leading European nations, dangers of the past would be the consequence. We may expect now, for instance, a recession in a more isolated Britain, and also a weakening of the Europeans in international politics. The Queen saw the EU grow and she liked it. So isn't it sad that this once proud union seems to be on the way to fall apart? Right now the EU resembles an old ship that had seen great days and that looks formidable on posters. But on the inside there are too many problems. Only one is the secretly bankrupt finance section. The bigger problem is that some ugly Eurocrats are about to try and grab too much political powers.

2. Catholics leave the EU borders open, so we may well leave the EU

There is the crushing problem of the hostile Muslim invaders. To a degree they are nomads who struggle to make our lands become their own – that is what Mrs. Le Pen, that French Eurosceptic, correctly pointed out. When the EU-candidate Turkey decided to drive into the EU some million of dangerous homeless Muslims, the final chapter of the EU history was apparently commencing. Not only was Greece unable to secure the EU borders. But left-winged irresponsible Greeks of the Syriza party also used the opportunity to grant a sudden amnesty to lots of dangerous Muslim rogues. They were sending these to Germany, where mainly Catholics welcomed them. And still so many hardly educable, latent dangerous Islamic and African nomads enter the Roman-Catholic southern European nations. Some few better Eurocrats only try to keep that deluge off limits. The plans of Deutsche chancellor Merkel to distribute these in Europe failed dramatically. At the risk of the breaking apart of the union, the European judges now try to push some migrants into the East, including notorious African asylum fraudsters and dangerous Islamic rogues (who are often not Islamists but common criminals). How can these act so badly? Some Eurocrats are notorious for their shady affairs and an unsound greed and imperiousness. Some are visibly as incompetent as they are ugly, let's take Magic Martin Schulz (SPD) as the wondrous example (see chapter 11).

Some honest Eurocrats want a better future for the Europeans. But some other Europeans always find ways to torpedo this development with the help of dark immigrants. As long as the Catholics of Rome effectively decide over who is allowed in, it's hopeless to try and secure the EU borders. There are just too many crony and mafia groups who earn millions as they take care for so-called refugees. Here in Deutschland (Germany), the most dangerous young refugees cost the tax payers 5.000 each. Some of that money may secretly go into the pockets of those who support the inflow of refugees, including Ms. Merkel's CDU party. Political cronies and help organizations take little care that fraudulent asylum seekers behave. Most of these become bad illegals, loafers, gangsters and endangerers. Latest statistics have it that the large majority of these refugees in Deutschland lives from social benefits and only eventually works illegally. Only 13 percent take up a legal job, that is what some say. The European Union is facing an invasion of aggressive oriental Muslims, who have in mind a traditional hostile takeover of Christian and post-Christian nations! While the efforts of chancellor Merkel, to pay billions of Euros to Turkey as a stop-the-refugees ransom, are not helpful enough, Britain was well advised to leave the EU now, instead of allowing in more of that »bad seed«. And isn't it a question of beauty too whether we refuse to welcome such dark and often bad specimen, who are often just naturally more aggressive and less able to keep to rules. Muslim refugees made Britain leave the EU, but some Catholics are to blame for letting them in! Here is a surely typical story from Cologne, that tells us more (Kölner Express 09.04.18 p. 23):

District mayor H.W.B (CDU) helped party-friend and hotel-owner A.S. to fill her hotel with so-called refugees. The mayor also saw to it that A.S. received the highest possible rate.

With so-called refugees Ms. S earns 32.500 Euros a month, she plans to cash in another 13.000 in her renovated former hotel. Cologne is notorious for the Klüngel, such Roman Catholic cronyism. Some of the money is often donated to the parties involved, or the still powerful Catholic church.

When she gave the Brexit announcement, the Queen dressed up like for the night of the European proms. With this she definitely also tried to remind the Europeans of their high-brow and more valuable traditions. Some Eurocrats however seem to be ready to redress the Europeans with the grass skirts that the Kanakas traditionally wear. Diversity brings us down to a third-world level! It's one important task of our better royals to culturally and morally lift up not only their peoples.

3. Does the post-socialist chancellor Mrs. Merkel favor China over the EU?

One strange aspect of the sudden apparition of Ms. Markle among the British royals is, that her name sounds much like that of German (Deutsche) chancellor Ms. Merkel. The magic that helped Ms. Merkel into office seems to have had a powerful by-effect for Ms. Markle too. If we recount the Brexit though we find that it was the decision of Ms. Merkel that paved the way for the falling apart of the EU. She is the Eurocrat who, on 9/4 15, decided to open up the national borders for over a million of so-called refugees, including most obvious asylum fraudsters, notorious trained gypsies, dangerous rogues and even potential Islamic terror suspects. It's common today to differ between still-okay Muslims and disliked Islamists, but let's not forget those typical gangsters. The official politics to integrate such aliens into the working process failed ingloriously. The problem that Ms. Merkel definitely has is, that she has no strong link to her home country, neither is she rooted within the culture of the west. She lost her home country, the GDR, and in a way her faith provided her with the defect identity of a Pseudo-Israelite only. When Mrs. Merkel claimed, in Hanghzou China, that her European refugee politics are correct, she maybe resembled more these post-socialists of China than European democrats. Mrs. Merkel also told to the press that she is so amazed how much Red China changes, from one visit to the next. Mrs. Merkel also occasionally said that she believes in the human right of free migration. That would mean, in the strict sense that such post-socialists prefer, that all Chinese could freely move into the EU. So isn't it true that the Chinese work much harder than westerners? That sounds favorable to the ears of the believers in market liberalism. The sad truth is though that such Mongos of major race two are made from more dark elements. This brings them and others more instability. Should we try and learn from China? That would means that we would work harder and duck deeper before the authorities. Are these worthy of our respect? Some tales of the »puny princes« of China seem to say that they are not. Ms. Merkel forgot to warn China before an aggressive military expansion at sea. The rapid changes that happen there but also mean that the companies and people spoil their environment in an unbelievable careless way. One of the consequences is that hardly any fishes still live in the Chinese seas. Jellyfish thrives, this is what these poor fellows then eat. The smog of the capital Beijing is much worse to even polluted London. We don't want such Asian decadence in Europe!

The UTR finds that the stability of the reality, and the sound slow development, are sure criteria of God's spell of good luck. The gracious living thing, who is our planet's creating god, tends to stabilize worthy elements of creation and to develop them slowly to better quality. Dark, eccentric, off-species and deformed elements of creation have naturally a lower stability. They may develop in a fast and wondrous way, but dark magic is behind.

4. As Time goes by, Version 2.1

You should remember this:
A kiss is still a kiss,
as time goes by...

But when old lovers woo,
still saying: »I love you«,
there's something that they miss.

5. In the West many people tend to ignore what hostile Muslims do to our Girls

So is it functional that Muslims and Negroes migrate into Europe and bring their diverse cultures with? Here are some press reports about the typical bad deeds of bad Muslims in British towns:

Derby, Telford, Rochdale, Rotherham, Manchester, Oxfordshire... In the time after 2012 the British police realized that thousands of British children were raped by predominantly Muslim gangs. Many officers in charge allegedly hadn't dared to notice before, allegedly due to fears of being defamed as racists. Prime minister David Cameron lately spoke of »child abuse in an industrial dimension« and of »a national threat«. Gangs of Muslims would select young white girls from the lower class, and then put the pressure on them and their families, by way of persistent persecution, playing the »lover boys«. Gangsters would drug, rape and beat girls. They traded them as slaves and abused them in groups and cruelly tortured them. In 2010 the police started »Operation Chalice«. Of around 200 suspects in the end only four British Pakistanis were sentenced to long prison terms. In the Rochdale trial nine British Pakis and Somalis were put into prison. One Paki burned down the house of a teen girl victim. Three Brits died, he serves a lifetime prison term.

Is this a development that we must accept in a multicultural society? Some older men agree. They will call it a tradition to force girls into prostitution, but we must find it an outrage and a cause for action. Things are even worse in many other countries, who are not morally strong like Britain is. The hate campaign that some gangsters and Semites stir up against better whites is so intense that it made many whites get humble. When Nazi-Deutschland was battled down, Britain took a long dive into an era of cultural decline. Only a better Deutschland can lead Europe out of this crisis!

2. Welcome to beautiful Britain! Isn't Ugly the new Beautiful?

Image: The Queen and Ms. Markle

1. Should New Britain remind us of Elephant's Dung?

Now this is a historical image of new Portsmouth. I took this from the book »A Vision of Britain« by Prince Charles. Is this scenery beautiful? Some fans of modern architecture will indeed feel prodded to judge that yes, this style is modern and futuristic and has a strange attractiveness. Prince Charles however cited one anonymous local comment, that this looked like »mildewed elephant's droppings covered in drainpipes«. I don't agree, in fact I find that it rather looks like a national monument erected in honor of the British oil refineries, oil rigs and foreign oil tankers too. The original name of this array of concrete is »Tricorn Centre«. The UTR has it that weird horns, here symbolized by hooked turrets, often allude to the machines of the congeras. Each congera originally has six such cranes, who connect a worm's body to the artificial hearts. Our good Earth Goddess still has all her three hearts operational, and she nearly only uses her first one. Sofia Ewa could even build another heart in short time from prefabricated parts. Many hostile gray congeras however are on heart three and unable to tinker away damages. The consequence is that such Greys receive blood that is mixed with nitric acid. Those zombie congeras in space fight constant wars and torture each others in sly cruel ways.

The picture postcard text on the above image is from me, by the way. It reflects the modern view of many liberals and pro-diversity freaks. They want a Britain that is no longer truly British, but a mix of many cultures. And isn't it true that very many cultures can successfully be integrated, to shape something entirely new? The result is similar to what we get when we arrange lots of letters from very different fonts. That still gives a readable text. But is it not strange that the font of the above text comes to us under the name »Old Dreadful«? We might rather call it »New Beautiful«. But that may sound like an Orwellian propaganda trick, based on the doctrine »ugly is beautiful«.

We can already see, just from this text example, that many different styles don't mix and associate to give a beautiful result. It's the same with many different sorts of humans and cultures. They can eventually dwell side by side, but they can't really integrate, and side by side they don't look well.

The big delusion of the multicultural freaks is it, that one national culture can easily be replaced by a colorful international mix. If many colors don't really mix, they don't give a harmonic scenery. But if many colors mix, the entire result is often some shade of gray. Instead of many exotic colorful styles the gray of concrete tends to win the upper hand. Diversity often allows an ugly and uniform chaos to push aside better national traditions.

2. The Voice of the Prince in the Concrete Desert

Regarding the above image, I must say that I feel much respect for Prince Charles. I appreciate his campaign for a better Britain, that he issued some decades ago. In those days he would have been a good king, but it wasn't meant to be. He thence wrote in his book »A Vision of Britain«:

»Some time during this century something went wrong... we allowed terrible damage to be inflicted on parts of this country's unique landscape and townscape... I have been fascinated to discover on my travels just how many people seem to be appalled of what we have done to so many of our towns and cities since the last war...«

Officially this book is all about architecture. But the true message is one of the loss of beauty. In the era of multiculturalism, which often is in fact globalization in disguise, the cities and towns of Britain like lost their faces. So many international looking buildings were erected, and so many ugly high-rises. The Prince of Wales found that this trend lacked British style, that it changed the lands of Britain in a sorry and unwelcome way. We must find that this is overall correct. It was the consequence too of the decline of Deutschland from a leading cultural nation of Europe into two ruined and divided nations. When this heartland of Europe went down, the entire continent lacked an anchor of stability. Bad developments after 1945 were but also the consequence of the entry of many too many migrants into Europe. Is not Britain first there for it's British citizens? In ages past, in the times of a recession or a crisis, the governments of the Commonwealth nations would issue building projects, to give their people jobs and better hopes. Now global companies fight a crisis with more cheap workers from abroad. So can we expect that Chinese and Pakis or primitive African Negroes become the new Brits? Migration makes proud peoples lose face too.

Surely things are bad in many badlands of this planet. The west is not to blame. So should Britain now surrender more land and living space to a dark deluge of immigrants, right now mainly from Muslim countries? Must we Europeans allow king-size mosques now to rise in most of our cities and towns, and hear the annoying songs of the muezzins from dawn to dusk? Also because they didn't want this, a small majority of the Brits voted to leave the European Union. Doubtless their yearnings for a better Britain, and their fears that their land is changing to the worse, are not yet well understood. There are just too many Eurocrats (rulers of Europe), who have little respect for national cultures and morality. Some favor Orientals and coloreds too much while they dislike and disrespect white Europeans, especially the Deutsche (Germans). Catholics and leftists tell us that we must, for reasons of charity, welcome even most primitive aliens, in spite of the troubles that primitive aliens bring in. Many of these aliens are not really refugees, but nomads, migrants and rogues. While we largely in vain try to reeducate them, they make us become just primitive.

3. A dark spell seems to try and redress our people and lands the primitive way

Sadly, nearly the first picture in his book shows Prince Charles with a brick and a tool in his hand and a grinning young Negro. So did he have in mind to build Britain anew with people of the poorest sort? While many elderly realize the quality and beauty of many traditional (and some modern) buildings, they lack the sense for human quality and beauty. Prince Charles has grown old, here we see him in Vanuatu. One old Kanaka is just trying to redress him with some fancy grass skirt. These guys can't live without their primitive traditions. Can our deciders do better?

Young British workers who want to get fit for a new future must make it clear that Britain is there for it's genuine British people, and not the other way around. We need not build more pyramids for kings long gone, but nice stylish houses for our people. And it's just natural that these houses are built in a human scale and with gardens. It should be understood that the truly British first have the rights to build these. They can avoid a dark spell that tries to make Britain get primitive.

3. The Peter Gold Incident

Image: The Queen and Ms. Markle

1. A Miracle saved this Student of Medicine

Do miracles exist? Miracles happen all the time! I found this, definitely wondrous, story of Peter Gold in one recent issue of the National Geographic Magazine. This US-American magazine had, in one article about surveillance cameras and policing, this strange story from New Orleans:

In 2015 Peter Gold came to help, when a man tried to abduct a woman at gunpoint. The college student of medicine aged 25 was then shot by the perpetrator into the belly. The perpetrator was later identified as Euric Cain. He then was pulling the trigger two more times, to shoot Peter in the head. But two times the trigger of the handgun failed to work.

On another picture we see Peter at the crime scene again some years later. He looks rather dark, like a typical Arab. In this article we find a lot of stories about surveillance equipment and how it eventually helps to fight crime. Governments and firms (and gangs too) use such stuff. Can the citizens trust at least the governments? Especially the British tend to welcome such technologies, since they never had experienced a totalitarian government. The scary fantasy of George Orwell's book 1984 fails to impress them, since they haven't developed yet technologies of mind control. With their openness towards the government's surveillance cameras the British are exceptional. While billions of British pounds (or rather Y$) are spent for such equipment, the few officers who form some kind of British control panel must rely on a low budget. From time to time Mr. Porter writes a report to the lower house, in this he may complain about those who fail to cooperate with his bureau. So what about the upper house? – The what? may the business people reply. But let us hope that nobles can in future explain the questions that the old religions always couldn't answer.

Who saved young Peter? His destiny sounds like more than a mere coincidence. We must find it strange but typical that the experts and journalists didn't dare to openly call this a miracle, or did they? Sure they did, but you need sense and sensibility to notice that. Of course those two names mentioned in the article are false names. Since the article failed to mention that, the entire story sounds like fake news. So how honest and trustworthy are the cops of New Orleans in general? Next question please. Definitely many things are rougher and certain people are tougher, that far away from Europe. In the USA and Russia you need stronger methods of policing than in Britain.

While the two names of the Peter Gold incident are false, the names may give us a hint about how western people tend to interpret such rare twists of destiny. Of course the names Peter and Cain are known from the Bible. Peter is, in theory, the foremost apostle of Jesus who later founded the Church of Rome. The true story is though that Simon Peter was an unsuccessful miracle worker and a robber baron. Another Peter from Libya was later executed in Rome for alleged arson. Cain was the legendary bad guy who killed Abel. The true story though is that Abel is just a fictitious name that links to the Semitic deity Baal. Euric's name was maybe originally Eric, and that's a Nordic name. So the false names interpret this entire story in a Jewish-Christian way! Good Peter, who heals, became the victim of the bad Nordic rogue. That is a story that may sound correct to both Bible badgers and American Liberals. The truth is though that in most of the cases of serious and brutal crimes in the USA the perpetrators have mixed darker, Latin, oriental to colored genes.

It is indisputable that the Negroes are by far our most notorious and socially incompetent persons. That is why half of the prison inmates in the USA are Negroes, who form only 13 percent of the population. So why are our people unable to compute this? Definitely the Bible tells them lots of nonsense, from fake creation tales to exaggerated and grotesque demands and interpretations, up to the unreal devilish judgment fantasies. That turns some believers into liars too. Regarding this, we should surely take the fears about the abuse of surveillance technology more seriously. The main problem is though that some Christians as well as Liberals just tend to believe that the dark people are the genetically right stuff. In the days before the coming of the Messiah, better Nordic often could not develop to the brinks of their potential. Still today some Nordic types are fairly well developed, but they are not yet good enough to resist to the mean attacks of cosmic devils.

So how can we correctly interpret the above miracle? Some sure facts that I have are these: Our good Earth Goddess must allow many accidents and incidents, but can eventually better things up later. The consequence can be that people who seemed to have died in incidents later just live on, to prove the news wrong. Since our lonesome planet is overpopulated by a margin of above 99.7 %, the local God can only help in a few selected cases. We would need a congera with the powers of Sofia Ewa for every day of one year, to cover all emergency cases and prevent any accidents. But right now God's magic also depends on coincidence. So when I found this surveillance shot in a magazine, and decided to make a story of it, and colored it, that helped to work good magic.

2. Hamlet's Night of Resistance

Now is the haunting time of sleepless night,
When hells yawn up like crypts, who need to fight,
Who puff their pains and plots into my room.

Should I not shake me now with lust and fear?
Or should I drink some potion and a beer?
May the tithonic Dawn instead me groom!

I need to breathe fresh air, and to get wet.
Let me now Mother Nature not forget!
And may no swarthy spirit work me doom.

3. Even our best Whites are forlorn without True Religion

Welcome to beautiful Britain? Welcome to ugly Deutschland! Brits may watch ugly Deutschland every weekends on TV, where they show Krauts&Huns films, often produced courtesy of this or that Jewish or Catholic mafia. If we look Hitler's top-notch Nazis into the faces we find that some Hunnish and Southern types seemed to be more popular and successful in Deutschland than the truly Deutsche. The Nazis realized that the blond were good, but most of the blond were not good enough to realize that the Nazis were wrong, most basically, since they failed to explain religion. Without true religion often the Deutsche would hesitatingly obey to some darker and puny guy. Napoleon too had been one of these. Most of the troops that he lost in Russia had been Deutsche.

Foreign visitors in Deutschland should not forget to take with them essential dictionaries. While the Deutsche often speak good English, many of the local foreigners are unwilling to learn this. One reportage of the leading newspaper WamS was leading the readers into the belly of Berlin. As we enter the »Café Yablanovo«, we may try in vain to speak Deutsch or English. »Bulgarian or Turkish« is what the lady at the bar demands. Some Bulgarian immigrants are ethnic Turks. So what may lead tourists into this city quarter, notorious for banging noises and acts of violence? The owner of this café is a Turkish citizen, one of millions who came here. He organizes private poker rounds and eventually also sells drugs. That came out when a policeman that he had bribed was uncovered. Many Deutsche right now are angry on Islam, and they may put the blame for this typical case of underworld business on Islam. But while Islam surely is a too bad religion to become officially accepted in Europe, Christianity just seems too weak to keep our people strong.

Christian Pfeiffer is the leftist's darling expert on the field of migration. It's surely also due to his so Christian sounding name, that he always gets quoted first in all those liberal to leftist and still Christian newspapers. When chancellor Merkel allowed a deluge of darklings to enter our land on 9/4 of 2015, in an uncontrolled and hapless way, one consequence was an upsurge of very brutal and other violent crimes, committed especially by young Muslims from North Africa, Moors who only by less than one percent have a right for asylum. Media darling Christian Pfff. had one very simple recommendation: Let Deutschland welcome the rogue's families! He explains that women are supposed to »civilize« their men. Estimations spoke of up to 20 million more incoming aliens in Deutschland alone. Remember that the Bible teaches to Christians to reach out the other cheek when they are beaten! Even in the MC KR (04.01.18) reporter Eva Quadbeck dared to remind of the fact that the culture of the young Muslims is prone to violence and defies law and order. Did Christian Pfff. forget that clans of hostile Muslims are the biggest problem that Deutschland faces today? Christian Pfff. lost his job at his institute in Lower Saxony. It seems that he lately fails to convince his political friends. The rate of crimes committed by refugees has lately risen too high.

The leading newspaper FAZ (14.04.18) reports how influential Muslim gangsters have already become, not only in Berlin but also in the cities of the Ruhr region. The notorious Mhallamiye are one intensely, severely roguish minority. 5000 such orientals live in Essen only, divided into few clans. They are well organized and so much hostile to the authorities that the police hardly dared to act up, in the years of interior minister Ralf Jäger (SPD). Now the new conservative CDU/FDP statal government started a campaign for »zero tolerance«. But when the cops enter into the city district that these Kurds control, these alarm others via the social media, who then come driving in from faraway places to form a large mob of protesters and offenders. To prevent this the police has to move in there in the strength of some battalion and also control all the traffic around. The effects of this strategy of zero tolerance are meager. While chancellor Merkel officially supports Islam in Deutschland, the chances are that in a few years the cartels of Muslim gangsters control entire cities. That is what the new rightist to populist opposition party AfD tries to prevent, who recently won many votes. That made leftists group with revolutionary zeal. They call these brave concerned citizens Nazis, destroy their propaganda and try to sabotage political activities. Some leftists and others hate the ethnic Deutsche so much that they welcome, tolerate and support any sort of alien gangsters. These but disregard the upcoming UTR, that teaches the basics of magic. Only those older men who still don't believe, put all the blame on Nazis, Commies or Islamists.

The East German left-winged party Die-Linke SDS still calls up rioters to »burn palaces«, that is the tradition of such old-time Marxists. In the East where there still exist more of this sort, there are hardly any candidates of the AfD, and without candidates this party of the ethnic Deutsche cannot compete for votes. When in the state of Thüringen a guy allowed a meeting of the AfD in his location, the small-scale terror group Antifa (paid and organized by Die-Linke) attacked there with stinking acid. Later by chance some such guys were found by the police. One of them was severely disabled Jens, his mate was Christian D. In the background leading »dames« of the party Die-Linke were identified. The hobby of Christian D. was it to build bad bombs, but he didn't use them. So there's still a difference to the Muslims, who get notorious and aggressive much faster.

4. Why is Picasso so popular right now?

Image: The Queen and Ms. Markle

1. Dora's deformed Picture resembles that of a luscious Babylonian demon

This ancient Babel stele is supposed to show Lilith, goddess of the wind. It's surely beautiful but also worrying beastly. But isn't that other painting beautiful? Yes, it's ugly, but isn't ugly the new beautiful? That wrong, wicked, wacko, twisted message was transported by the artwork of Pablo Picasso. To the right we see one of his million-bucks paintings: »A woman prepares for to sleep« from the war year of 1940. It had been recently stolen in New York, the thieves tried to sell it in Turkey. Some good officers from the Istanbul police managed to retrieve it, acting under cover as buyers, offering 6.5 million €. The Deutsche Bild-Zeitung forgot to mention that the perpetrators were Turks of course. But they didn't forget to mention that this picture was supposed to show Dora Maar. She was a »muse« not only of Picasso, or call her his model and slut. Isn't this nicely ugly? This Spaniard seemed to make ugly arts fashionable, but with this destroyed better beauty ideals of western and oriental fine arts. It was his style to deconstruct the human face, to paint the eyes here and the lips there, everything in a sick and deformed way. On first view this painting looks like the first studies of an artist as he prepares a great painting. But on second view we find that the feet of that naked lump of flesh resemble the claws of an eagle or another predator. For experts of real arts that painting must suspiciously remind of this historical stele, found in the ruins of ancient Babylonia. Surely Picasso had had in mind to depict Dora as some kind of lusty demon. Jewish mythology knows Lilith as a demon of the wind. The UTR knows Ga-Dora as the leading Grey (devil) of the local group, and Ga-Musa as another, while the syllable Li is one of those used by the horrible Cräybs. Anyway, it's believable that not only in ancient heathen times, some strange demons of the abyss of space clutched at their prey, disguised as deformed women.

Reading the recent press we strangely often find the painter Pablo Picasso mentioned. In the recent issue of the National Geographic Magazine, film actor Banderas is shown in a painter pose, it's from his Picasso film. Tony sure looks great for an old man. But since when does the noble National Geographic Society care much about a modern arts movie like this? We find yet another article about Picasso in another issue. The title photo shows the oldster with a bare chest, he looks lewd. It's true what they write in the text: Picasso revolutionized the way how we regard arts. Those who link beauty to fascism love him. But I would say, that he deformed our sense of what is beautiful or not with his demonic artwork. Beauty is a vital aspect of creation and evolution. God's well-made creatures are beautiful too! Beauty symbolizes fitness and charisma, it should have high standards. Off-center and deformed artwork lacks God's spell. Bad magic fills that gap.

2. Picasso triggered a Shoe Fashion that spoils our Lady's Feet

Ballerinas are the tiptoe shoes of the, often tiny and light, dancer girls; who eventually step on the tips of their toes at a ballet. So these shoes are in principle especially designed for that tiny-girls dance style. Ballet is a dance style for women who are tiny like girls. Ballet is fine arts, but I like more to see better developed and classy women at expressive dances. Beautiful women should be in principle able to dance more emotionally. Dance is a ritual of mating after all. If you see the puny, tiny girls mince and straddle, that should rather look strange, like the movements of kids and birds. Real ballerinas need a strong tip section to allow a dance on the toes. But why should any normal woman outside of the dance studio wear ballerinas? That is what the British celebrity Victoria »Posh« Beckham asked. She however often wears high heels who are equally unhealthy.

In the WamS some Cathy put up a photo of, ballerina wearing, Brigitte Bardot, the most famous actress of post-war France. She stands legs spread, in front of – guess who? Old man Picasso! Her 1956 film »The woman always lures« was a breakthrough for that kind of rather tipless shoes. So once again we get the impression that Picasso helped to deform our natural ideals of what is good and beautiful. Should not the feet of our women be long and strong, and have room in front for the toes? That is what shoes of the really recommendable label Hush Puppies provide. But if high heels or tipless ballerinas are in fashion and deemed beautiful, many women will wear shoes that ruin their feet, and force them to make short walks, like ducks walk. Women become disabled by bizarre and ugly fashion! We must even find fashion perverted and demonic that ruins the feet of many women, who as a consequence must receive medical and orthopedic treatment in their later years. Strangely enough Pablo Picasso was again the lever that helped to introduce this eccentric fashion. So aren't ballerinas at least beautiful? Let's judge them by the look at all the feet that they helped to deform! If we then try to find out the secret of Pablo Picasso's bad taste, we must find that he just grew popular in the 20th century, when many had lost their sense of what is beautiful. He, and his Spanish arts scene of anarchists and leftists, became the dross of that rather sad era. So can it be that any genes linked this Paul to ugly Saint Paul, the bad prophet of another sad era?

3. Pelléas and Mélisande

He is so much a man,
But needs the fluke of fame!
Should he not hesitate,
To court that puny dame?

These two meet in a cave,
In vain, to find a ring.
And neither do they meet,
That gracious living thing.

Don't hurt her jumpy heart!
So fast these die from frost!
A child may still remain,
To play the role she lost.

Claude Debussy, that famous romantic composer, was spending many years while composing his melodrama Pelléas and Mélisande. It's based on a true story from ancient Flanders. But there are so many tales of royal and noble dynasties who ended when the wrong kind of girl was taken in.

5. So what about Witchcraft?

Image: The Queen and Ms. Markle

1. The four most influential British books of all Time

I just was reading, in the newspapers, a short list of the most influential British books of all time. Some guy mentioned four: Jane Eyre, Harry Potter, The Origin of Species and A Short History of Time. Of these I only red Jane Eyre. I judged it to be a typical story of some dark girl, one of the so-called Celtic type, that is rather a Southern type. I've been reading Julius Caesar, and I wondered why he failed to mention the fact that the Celts from Gaul were usually bigger and better looking than his Romans. French Celts were of a fairer type, like Prince Harry is; but the British Celts were definitely darker and punier. These Celtic Brits were renowned for their mastery in religion, which means, the bloody religion of that Irish sect called Druids. When the Romans conquered their holy island of Mona, some British witches tried to fight them with curses. Such magic but only works in the fantasy world of Harry Potter. So is there no magic at all? That is what old-time experts tend to believe. They rely on books like A Short History of Time by the terribly ill Stephen Hawking. But this stuff is so much a sick calculation fantasy, it's a Harry Potter of the world of science! And also Charles Darwin's book fails to explain so many strange phenomena, most notably the distribution and natural features of the human races. If people realize how little they really understand about this world, they are maybe ready to study philosophy. The good philosophers would at least realize this: Scio ut nescio. – I know that I don't understand. But that is not the case when it comes to our leaders on many fields, from science to politics. Some key books are thoroughly misleading people.

In the absence of any good explanations for so many phenomena, many people also still hold on to the Bible. Don't these Anglicans wonder why their Bible is called King James Bible? That sounds like as if that Catholic king had written it, and we could put it on the list of most misleading British books of all time. Philosophers at least may realize that this world is full of wonders and unexplained phenomena. One of the biggest wonders is why many people don't even realize how little they understand, but rely on some utterly, laughably wrong older books. Of course this intellectual blindness of humankind is one big wonder too. We can't see the people who work this stultifying spell. But one obvious fact is that humans get dumber with the help of dark and badly developed races. I still remember the church sessions where I was singing songs like My lord Kumbayah! That Kumbayah was possibly the name of some juggernaut of the African Christians. But this Negro babble was put into some official Deutsche Christian song-books, since the clerics realized that it helps their sheep to believe. Negroes are definitely this planet's dumbest and most primitive hominids. One effect is that these believe more easily than whites into odd religious nonsense. Some Christians even tell to the sad darklings that they will live again after they die in the clouds and have a white skin and angel's wings up there. It takes you better human quality to develop past such lies. Of course the silly, dark and badly developed people tend to believe stronger into such unreal cloud-travel fantasies. True children of darkness are ready to listen to lies, that they are chosen and superior or at least equal to God's nobler, higher, prettier, better and brighter humans. The Punic to Semitic types gather around clerics who tell them that they are the best and also God's most charming creatures. These celebrate their dark types, at grungy model and murky miss shows. Not only Meghan Markle managed to surf that dark wave to the top of the British monarchy. So is her family of old Visigoth royal blood? Or is her mother a doctor, and does she hold several college degrees? Is she at least good in bed? The press does not ask this. Before her the media guys scurried around that puny girl Pippa. So who is she, the Duchess of Takatuka Land? Some such dark types definitely have a dark magic that can make them unavoidable. Destiny pushes them to become top celebrities. Such southern types make the world lose their sense of real beauty. So who makes such dark stuff become so popular? The brighter people can easily add this to the long list of all the things that they don't understand. While humans officially understand nothing much, one thing is sure: Such dark types help a lot to mislead and stultify the world. The UTR has it that indeed this planet is not ready to understand it's local god. If the people of this planet would learn more, the risk is high that they could self-destruct in short time.

2. The Scare was always there for Anna Katharina

How did dark Meghan catch this planet's Prince Charming? The press didn't question Ms. Markle about accusations of sorcery. But here's another recent media tale about magic. One Anna Katharina tells us how it was to grow up as a bright but uninformed woman. She would know that something was there, but what was it? (FAZ 14.04.18 p. 20):

I had a constant companion. It was the scare. I can't remember a time when she hadn't been there. She would greedily nosedive on me and then bite fast into me. She would sit on my shoulders. I found this written, in the tale of Sindbad the Arab seafarer, who met a hunchback ghost: It was a demon who clutched at him day and night, who laid his bony legs around his throat. He commanded around, and if Sindbad would not obey the ghost would beat him. Fear would make Sindbad become all obedient. I but resisted, and this made me become a grim and aggressive person, full of mistrust and always read to hit back. I was gravely underweight then and biting my nails. Lately I don't fight this scare no more. I learned to live with her. She now sits in her sullen corner while I ignore her...

So this is the typical story of a young girl in mental troubles. Psychologists will say now that the problem is all inside of Anna's head. They rely on books like those written by the Jew Sigmund Freud. Freud developed his atheist lore of psychoanalysis when he met patient Dora. The UTR has it that the leading demon of the local group tends to clutch at people with Dor-names. Anna was the name of the mother congera of this group, and Katharina or Catherine is another important name, linked to some false saint Katherine from planet Lar. That planet is fractally especially linked to Britain, and it's a burden that comes to the British royals too. The consequence is that troubles may clutch at this or that girl mainly because of her special name. Indeed since the old times, the ray fronts that those congeras use focus on persons in a way that resembles the attacks of birds of prey. That is why not a few cultures have birds of prey as emblems. See chapter 4 for the pictures of a goddess with such bird's claws. These were modeled after living girls.

3. Women often can't escape from realizing that Magic exists

Most old-time scientists will say that witchcraft is a fantasy only and, just like signs and wonders, cannot really exist. But many people know that this can't be correct, since they have seen strange phenomena and know about mental links to some strange minds. Since women are constructed in a way that makes them more emotional, most women can't escape from realizing that miracles do exist. The more simple ones hesitantly obey to the lores of the Bible, and manage to get over their typical waves of doubts. That's easier with a Christian stultifying education. Women with a better education though may find it worrying that no good explanation existed, so far, for miracles and other such phenomena. The traditions of the churches still seem to regard that as a verboten topic. It was taken for a sin to try and work miracles. Nevertheless most women and men naturally are doing miracles. Whether they know it or not, this magic is really inescapable. Already by your wishes and your imagination you alter reality! But it makes a difference if you just wish that your prince might fall into your arms, or if you work hard your body at night sexually, to try and fetter him into a relationship. Some of the worse people have a primitive tendency to stalk behind other people they would like to get accustomed with: This is often the tactics of the meaner and darker men, who rather should remain single, according to God's miracle working. Just the men who try hard to »make girl« are those who are most likely to turn out to be loveless and full of vile plans and emotions. Those are often rather unable to develop real love, a nice responsible behavior and courtly manners. Women eventually may resort much faster than men to love spells and spiritual traditions. They may pray for love and wishes fulfilled, even to dubious or unclean spirits. They eventually try traditional witchcraft. This can mean, to just scribble up an old spell on a scrap of paper, and burn this or hide this at a sacred location. It can also mean to put magical herbs and all other ingredients into a pot, and use this as a love potion. Such love potions play a surprising big role in some of our best works of fine arts, but really, we must keep in mind that many plants have poisonous substances inside. Jews have the tradition to consume bitter herbs at the »festival of the leaf huts«. This is some kind of redesigned spring festival, and surely the Jews were always complaining about the fact that their god didn't make them become more numerous and powerful. Jews also put scraps of paper filled with wishes into the rest of some wall of their former temple, today called the wailing wall. So really, Judaism contains some practices that we may regard as sorcery. But since neither Jews nor witches know the true God, all their sorcery leads to not a lot. People who try out traditional sorcery may only eventually find that their most foolish and weird behavior seems to work on that field. That is due to the Greys, who like to fool and make people insane. That is why it seems to help some brutish Redskins at a »rain dance« if they take snakes into their mouths at the risk of being bitten. Some rainforest Indios also let nasty ants bite them, since the pain seems to do them good. Lately however God tries to end such painful and foolish practices. So this is the magic of the Amerindians. Meghan seems to have some such genes too. And isn't it the tradition of the British royals to participate in strange ceremonies of the natives?

4. Help! A Witch shot me in the Back!

»Ah«, said Gawain, »had I done worse I should but have been like our forefather Adam, and Samson, Solomon, and many another man that let himself be beguiled by women!«

When Christians think of witchcraft they often link bad destiny to women. In dark past ages some would search with zeal for alleged witches and cruelly kill them. That often included women who tried to help the sick, for instance with traditional and herbal medicine. Today many people find that this persecution of witches was a mental insanity. Old-time experts sadly fail to realize that evil powers strongly influence this world. They may especially target women who can heal. The typical case of bad destiny is however one that is not linked to any living person. That is why in Deutschland the lumbago is called »witches shot« (Deutsch: Hexenschuss). It's a common disease caused by the sudden movement of jelly parts of the spine. One manual says that this may happen as you try to lift a crate of beer. A lumbago may hurt your nerves and partly disable you. Medics think that heat treatment is first choice now. If you tell them of witchcraft they may send you to the psychologists or the clerics. The medics know not a lot about healing, and the psychologists knows hardly anything about magic. And better forget the clerics. The problem is that sensible people may realize that this lumbago was linked to some bad magic coming in! They may even sense some kind of explanation inside, and be forced to say something mean like: »Ha ha«. They may get the idea that some witch did this. It's a phenomenon that terribly frightens many people.

What can help now? From the point of view of the UTR you need to get better luck. If you take a shower now and a walk, until you get into a better mood, that may already help against some of the symptoms. If one of your intervertebral discs is dislocated, you maybe didn't do your fitness exercises and did spend too many hours in unhealthy positions, like on the couch fettered by your telly. If your bones and sinews and muscles just have gone weaker, there is little you can do when it's already too late. You would need a miracle to move that disk back into it's former position. Sometimes magic might help. It is known that some healers seem to have the power to rebuild your back. One such lore is called osteopathy, it's a massage therapy. While those warm hands on your back surely feel comfortable, cool fresh open water has a much better effect on the health of your flesh, and especially helps to calm your nerves. So one better therapy may be to take a bath in some pond. Christians may well remember John the Baptist and his baptism therapy. Indeed a bath in the river Jordan may also help against the anxiety before witches. Some men tend to hate some woman that always comes into their minds. The Greys have a tendency to foster conflicts, especially those with a sexual tendency. Some tend to hide behind women and use them as bots. Your intuition may tell you that witches plot against you or do other bad things. But that is just a propaganda lie of cosmic devils. Greys harm our people from above and put the blame on them or on others. Those aliens don't hurt us since we are sinners, but they want to exploit and ruin Earth. But the idea is not wrong that bad and unhealthy behavior makes bad destiny become more likely. God has a limited control over these hostile N-rays from far away, and the good have better luck.

5. Modern Medicine under God's Scrutiny

In the tabloid Express I found another report about strange and sudden health problems. We read:

Help! I am hyperventilating! Sieglinde reports that this happened to her once, when she was a teenager. »Out of the bright sky I had the feeling that I could no longer get air. My collar was like tied close. I started to pant, I breathed ever faster, got pale like cheese, cold sweat broke out. My aunt, who was there by chance, desperately cried for help...«

Doctor Falk S. recently published a book about emergency medicine. He is convinced that nearly always such a case is triggered by a situation of extreme mental stress. Falk then tries to identify the trigger in therapeutic sessions. Search and you will find, this is what already the Bible said. In that tabloid's short article we also find the surprise news that hyperventilating patients should not breathe into a bag. That is the classical recommended method, but Falk wants to psychologically talk the patient down. To me it seems that the simple facts of physiology play a major role here. If the patient hyperventilates for a longer time he breathes out too much of his carbon dioxide. So the emergency helper must first try to get more CO2 into this person, and that is done with a bag.

From the point of view of medicine we must find that hyperventilation is not really the problem that the medics are dealing with! The first problem was that some process like tried to strangulate Sieglinde! That is what some therapists have in mind when they recommend: »Talk them down!« They don't want to see patients breathe from a bag that has not enough oxygen, since that only is a therapy against the symptoms. Instead they want to tackle the cause, and that seems to be stress. But if we really listen to people like Sieglinde, we find that there is some process that causes this sudden fit. How might we diagnose this fit correctly? One of my odd medic's manuals says this:

Acute closure of the breathing way is the most frequent cause of death of kids of the age of under 8. They get into a confused state of mind, their tongues fall back and they die.

When these death cases are so frequent, it's strange then that they remain hardly commented by classical medicine. It seems that some spell kills children, often surely the weak and feeble ones. We must also suspect that this more often happens to colored dumbbells, but if that were true we can't expect to read much about this. Maybe the emergency helpers nearly always come too late.

Of course our medics know today a large number of more or less frequent diseases who may lead to insufficient breathing. It starts with being fat and ends with severe nerve degeneration diseases. Some medics may take their time to test the patients for all the diseases mentioned in their books. But there is no such physical origin of hyperventilation, or is there? While my manual has it that hyperventilation is a disturbance of anxiety, a panic attack, my goddess gave me the notion that this is a reflex that we also know from dogs. They hardly sweat but can only pant to reduce heat. So another emergency measure should be to cool the head of the patient. Isn't that very obvious?

Now here is what the CMDT uses to recommend, a common manual of diagnosis and treatment. Like most others they recommend to let patients breathe from a paper bag, to fight the respiratory alkalosis, the lack of CO2. We find however these valuable extra info and treatment proposals:

»Hyperventilation... may be be caused by a variety of conditions, such as pregnancy... lung diseases, sepsis, hepatic dysfunction, fever and pain. The term “central neurogenic hyperventilation” denotes a monotonous sustained pattern of rapid and deep breathing... seen in comatose patients with brainstem injury... Acute hyperventilation presents with... anxiety. Anxiolytic drugs may be useful...« – »The processes are usually self-limited since muscle weaknesses caused by hyperventilation will suppress ventilation. Sedation may be necessary if the process persists.«

If you are not familiar with this alien language you may need some time to translate the words. But even for specialists who know such cases well, the basic questions remain open in the end. What is really at the origin of such a potentially life-threatening malfunction of your nerves? It is correct that those people with an acute hyperventilation syndrome also suffer from strong anxiety. They are anxious because a strange process and behavior overlays their normal and natural breath pattern. But some may also be anxious because they feel extremely pressed now and strangulated by some kind of invisible force. Is there an invisible man, a ghost who does this? No, and neither does witchcraft cause this dysfunction of the body. But this is what hostile aliens do with N-rays. The problem is that if you tell this to some patients they will not be able to accept this and they will only get into a more serious state of distress. What the emergency helper or medic needs to do now is, to help the patient to regain better control over his body and his nervous processes. From that point of view it's wrong to drug and sedate the patient, since that makes people get dizzy in the wrong moment. Instead they should get busy and moving to actively release tension. The weaker and softer people get, the more they are addicted and anxious, the less they will be in control of themselves. The objective is to make them able to control again their rhythm of breath.

We can learn more from those special cases of those comatose patients with a CNH syndrome. In the state of coma the patients have especially little control over themselves. The less control they have, the easier it is for gravito-magnetic rays from above to manipulate them. The Greys may do this or that bad deed, often they find it amusing to gradually damage and waste such a patient. In the cases when a CNH syndrome manifests, a strong rhythm from the outside overlays the breath rhythm of the brain. This rhythm from the outside of the mind can intoxicate, seduce and enslave people. Limbs may move automatically as people get into a trance. The followers of Jesus, those Jewish zealots, were for instance such a sect of ravers. Still today some radical Jews pray by way of shaking their heads. These are comparable to Quakers, ravers and headbangers of the metal music scene. Such practices help the congeras to better focus on a target person. Behind this alien rhythm there is the fact that the N-rays are caused by pulsars, fast rotating dark stars. The good E-rays of the Earth Goddess too are rotating fast. The consequence is that it can be dangerous if you let a rhythm take control of you, especially when there is a strong magnetic field from the outside that suddenly puffs into your mind or your room. Those cosmic N-rays are well measurable and were already measured. Detectors show characteristic pulses of the micro-magnetic field. That is why traditional and classy high-brow European musical traditions don't know strong rhythms. In a classical concert or an opera there is no underlying strong rhythm that lasts for more than some short time. But such a culture of »magnetic and hypnotic« rhythms is typical for the oriental Sufi music, that makes people fall in trance. The alien rhythm may even come to you if you march as a soldier in a parade. That may help dictators to better control their armies. Greys often rearrange the hierarchies until the meaner, smaller and darker guys get into top positions. They may do this in the way that they make the better men lazy, and then pester them with bad ideas, pains and fits.

One story about sorcery from the metal music scene is that about some Deutsche with a tendency of satanism. That band had a satanic name and won some especially bad reputation. That worked for some time, but then they changed their name, now calling themselves Celtic Frost. They also became famous for their special style, to not play monotonously but to change the rhythms often. We may assume that those guys at a young age were lured into the metal and goths scene, where tendencies of satanism exist. But as they then noticed that dark magic is bad magic, they won the power to get away from this. Nordic people may win that strength much easier than darker types. That is why the Greys always try to make some southerners, dark types like Elvis, most popular.

But isn't it worrying that we must find that modern western medicine tends to give some wrong advice? Some such medics remind of the guys we see in Harry Potter films, where magical drugs and dialogs in alien languages seem to do all the magic. More accurate is what we see in those Desert Planet films, where the sand people anxiously avoid rhythms, since those voracious super worms notice these. In fact most of the living planets of this galaxy are rather dry and desolate. If our medics get near to realizing that in their cases magic and phenomena play a role, they may consult patients to search help from the clergymen. These however tend to willfully submit and surrender to most any magic, when it comes in a dictatorial and forceful manner from above. That is the wrong strategy for the sensible people, who eventually become minions of devils who try to abuse and waste them. Especially addicted people may just have too little self-control! Most medics sense that drugs make people weak. The modern tendency is often to only give one or two milligrams of a substance, which is really nothing. Pharmacology lately gets near to homeopathy! Western modern medicine believes too much in milligrams of drugs but not at all in magic. Can eventually some more traditional and natural therapy be of more help, if you feel like strangled? This is what I found in a manual of alternative medicine, it's »non-toxic« homeopathic medicine:

Bulbus-symptoms with a tightening in the collar, and speech disturbances: Coccus cacti

That note links strange smells to other typical effects of the N-rays. The prescription recommends red cactus louse extract, also known as cochenille. It's just a traditional red paint. So does it help to just eat »red stuff«? That notion may come into the minds of »reds«. Indeed quack medicine may teach that red substances can cure a throat that looks red! Traditional herbal quack medicine also tried to cure kidney troubles with kidney-shaped leaves! This »signature lore« was developed in the Christian Middle Ages. My inspiration but explains to me that some such stuff may indeed make swollen tissue adstringe. When the inner tissue gets tighter, the breathing ways indeed get freer again. I but find that speech disturbances are sure symptoms of a sudden heavy fit of N-rays.

As those N-rays scan and manipulate your body, they may try this or that, eventually they make you sneeze. Sadly it's typical for the aliens who operate these pulsar rays with faraway machines that they try to activate our reflexes, including some that humans hardly have. There are several thousands of hostage planets of the Cräybs or Maschu. Lots of witches live there who try much to make us obey. Just by playing Simon Says, kids already may learn to obey to some nasty spirit. I know that in cases of strong sudden attacks of N-rays you will need several hours of fighting free your mind and body. Don't let voices speak with your mouth, don't let aliens move your limbs, don't argue with those rays but divert your attention. Don't sit still now like the Buddha, lest those rays will cleverly focus on you and your room. Walk out into the open, come home again to take a shower, then go out again, or sing and make music, work and dance until the N-rays give up. If you are too weak to resist, then those voices may be able to move your hand against your head. You slap or hurt yourself and are not in control. I know from own experience that N-rays can move you into a corner of your room and stop you there. It's like in the Blair Witch film. So could a simple witch work such things? Of course some super-technology is needed for this. In the past all those phenomena were so scary and dangerous that most medics just closed their eyes to them.

After having studied Dr. Falk's book, Sieglinde was convinced that her fit of hyperventilation was triggered by stress in school and partnership. But in ages past people would rather think that such a deathly bad time was sent to them by their gods and demons. When people couldn't breathe and felt like being choked, they would think of a special angel, the »strangulating angel« (Deutsch: Würgeengel). Clerics would suspect that the target person did something wrong and was punished by this way, or that this was some kind of experiment to test his obedience (see the book of Job for an example). From a morally correct point of view however, there can be little doubt that the mysterious aliens who do such things to us should be regarded as hostile. The UTR has it that N-rays may by chance focus on this or that target person. They tend to be stronger in the nighttime or when there is a strong fair weather electricity field in the air. Sudden panic may make it easier for those Greys to get in touch with the victim. But the good Earth Goddess is involved too. She has no choice but to direct these constant attacks of N-rays here and there. She suffers so much from these attacks and still tries to help especially some better humans. People with better genes are often the target persons that the Greys demand. For them it's sometimes a game to test how good humans are, but they test the best to hurt them. I sometimes see visions of some groups who try to overlay our humans and influence them. They wear strange hats and like the color purple. Obviously these try to overlay the cardinals of Rome. They find such churches on many planets.

Another classical movie about magic and witchcraft is »Christine« after a book by Stephen King. Isn't it ridiculous that a car seems to be a witch? Yes it's not. Medics will remember the film for the Heimlich maneuver that is shown there. If you lose your breath due to something that you did breathe in, then a sudden pressure on the upper belly may cause your diaphragm (the inner skin in between your lungs and your belly) to cramp and spit it out. So this is another strange reflex, but one that may make people get unconscious. That is why some medics wrote to better not try this trick. But it's a fact that the Heimlich maneuver saved lives. In the Christine story a young guy by chance sees this wrecked car and decides to get it going again and revamp it. The car then seems to draw him near, and Christine also seems to attack his girlfriend to make her leave him. It is just a horrible fantasy that a car is jealous on the driver's partner. But really, in near space many Greys live who are undead with ruined machines. Greys may send colorful and erotic dreams to find and bind partners here on Earth. In ages past many sensitive women eventually saw colorful visions when they went to sleep. Some would feel like they were flying, when they got dizzy and amused while masturbating with broomsticks. Knowing the devils who work such magic we must warn before such practices. But when this film's protagonist met Christine, it happened because he was a darker type who should not reproduce. That is why his girlfriend nearly suffocated! When such accidents happen it helps to understand and respect the social and magical interests of God too.

6. The strange Case of Julija Skripal

Right now the case of the Skripals became the scandal that the press most often refers to. Leading European deciders, like NATO chairman Jens Stoltenberg, used this case to let tensions rise in between Russia and the other European nations. Doubtless some Russian secret agents poisoned Julija Skripal's father. Sergej is a Russian turncoat and was living in Britain under cover, in the town of Salisbury. It scared the public that the Russians obviously were using some exotic nerve gas. Russia however officially denies all accusations, and the latest news are that they claim that Julija Skripal was held captive against her will by the Brits. So that is one bad hoax! But magic does not play a role in here, or does it? It does. Next to Salisbury lies the holy site of Stonehenge, let's call this the Vatican of Britain before the times of the Romans. Shortly before this attempt of political murder, I had published a text about holy Stonehenge in the Internet. I pointed out that Stonehenge is a symbol of a Troy burg, a symbol of the rotating House of God, or of Frodi's Mill.

Woe, dirty deeds happen in the world of espionage, and not only the Russians commit them. Can't we for once avoid this touchy point? It's much more important to look at the promises of the last era of president Putin. He now vowed to reduce the number of paupers in Russia from 20 percent to 10! But while the British care much for Julija, who also has one of those names, they seem to care too little for many poor white Russians. It's because Europe lost it's own spiritual traditions.

Coming Soon Part Two: The Quest for the Golden Coin

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